Arguably Australia’s most awarded contemporary female artist, Wendy Sharpe has been recognised throughout her career for her vivid, expressive and spontaneous works. Both her subject matter and style are uninhibited, as evidenced by her love of the human form. This has seen her collaborate with The Australian Ballet, Opera Australia and Circus Oz.

A truly international artist, Sharpe has been awarded numerous residencies around the world including France, Egypt, Antarctica, Mexico and China. Her time in Paris piqued a curiosity in the world of burlesque which led to a series of oil paintings and drawings that expanded on her predilection for vivacious depictions of the body.

Berkeley Editions is lucky enough to have three original pieces from Sharpe’s burlesque series; Top Hat, Yellow Fan and Pussy Cat are lively and colourful reflections of the flamboyant characters that populate the burlesque stage. All three are best displayed as a set so as to fully appreciate their magnetic appeal.

View her wonderful artwork here