The ever-lyrical works of Garry Shead have been a stalwart of Australian art since the 1960s. Though best known as a painter, the Archibald Prize winner has explored a variety of mediums throughout his career including early work as a cartoonist and illustrator and an ongoing interest in experimental films. In particular, his enduring fascination with printmaking has made Shead the perfect candidate for collaboration with Berkeley Editions.

We have collaborated with Shead on a number of occasions, notably a collagraph series of his intriguingly autobiographical D. H. Lawrence paintings which are filled with dream-like depictions of the English author and his wife Frieda juxtaposed with native animals and birds.

Shead has also created multi-plate colour etchings for Berkeley Editions, a method he has spoken of in the conception of prints of The Sacrifice and The Bride. He draws directly onto the plate before “distilling the madness” in a process that took nearly 12 months to complete.

Artwork – Garry Shead ‘The Arrival’