The new and emerging online marketplace, TODD+CREATES, has invited Berkeley Editions to be a part of their platform. This new collaboration provides unprecedented access for Australian buyers to engage with our expansive and talented artist network.

Berkeley Editions is the leading publisher of highly-collectible, authenticated Australian limited edition art. Berkeley Editions art pieces can be found in major art collections in leading galleries and corporate offices worldwide.

As a collector himself, Todd McKenney has begun to share his love and passion for modern contemporary art within Australia. The collaboration between Berkeley Editions and TODD+CREATES is yet another step towards Todd building his affiliation with the art world.

Berkeley Editions Todd Creates

Screen grab of Berkeley Editions on TODD+CREATES web page – October 2020.


At the beginning of Australia’s COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, Todd McKenney and friend Sas Lyon began noticing the expansive and detrimental impacts on entertainment and art industry creatives. Their realisation about the impacts on artistry and entertainment led to the creation of the highly successful platform, This created space for Australian handmade masks to be sold directly to the Australian public. 

From the success of, Todd and Sas realised the potential social value of which an online platform could bring. Their goal was for artists and entertainers to continue their professions and creativity during the pandemic. As a result, they decided to reach out to the theatrical community with the development of the TODD+CREATES marketplace.

“Let’s cast the net wider, why don’t we cast the net out to all Australian handmade products from beeswax candles to handmade furniture, to kids cubby houses, kids wear, bridal wear and health and beauty”

To learn more about TODD+CREATES, visit:

Todd McKenney Mask

Australia helping Australians

If anything, 2020 has brought out the need for Australia helping Australians. As we have all grappled with the unthinkable events that the year has thrown at us, we have also begun to put our trust and livelihoods back into our own soil. The good will of Australians uniting in a common goal of support and strength. These values are what is driving Todd and Sas to continue the business they place so much pride in.

“You do things in your life that just feels good, this project feels really good. This is not a little splash in the pan project I just want to do in between showbiz, this is going to be a lifelong commitment for me” 

Todd Mckenney Good Morning Show

Todd McKenney on The Morning Show talking about TOOD+CREATES 30th August 2020.

Watch the full video & learn more on 7News here.

TODD+CREATES and Berkeley Editions

Online marketplaces can be a daunting task for creators, who hold their passion in the physical art world. However, buyers are often not equipped with knowledge to validate the artworks they are wanting to purchase. TODD+CREATES provides a way for creators and buyers to connect and grow together. With invaluable one-on-one support from a completely Australian-based team.

In a period where we are spending more time in our own homes, art is becoming a way we can each invest in our own space. Art enables us to express ourselves in a positive way. Through Berkeley Editions and TODD+CREATES, Australian-made art is becoming more accessible. We have the opportunity to transform our personal spaces and bring positivity despite the ongoing pandemic.

There are more exciting opportunities for Berkeley Editions to come while we embark on this new venture with TODD+CREATES. You can keep your eyes out for the Berkeley Editions & TODD+CREATES collaboration via the TODD+CREATES website here. For now, there is only a handful of Berkeley Editions chosen artwork on this platform. To see more from Berkeley Editions Fine Art, simply visit our shop page.