Craig Ruddy is one of the nicest people you would meet. Funny, thoughtful, generous, well-mannered and so, so talented.

Welcome to Berkeley Editions latest news which focuses on Craig Ruddy. Ruddy was born on Sydney’s northern beaches and now lives and works in Byron Bay on the far north coast of New South Wales, his love of landscape shaping his life as well as his art.

He has a fascination with the human form and much of his art explores the figure and its relationship to landscape. He likes to work with a complex layering of mediums including paint, charcoal, pencil and varnish to create an illusion of transparency, with the foreground and background seeming to merge, becoming one and the same. His monumental figures become inseparable from the landscapes in which they reside.

Ruddy’s drawings and editions are characterised by the same fluid and restless line that also distinguish his paintings, creating works of both sensitivity and great energy. He won the prestigious Archibald Prize in 2004 with his monumental yet insightful portrait of Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil, Two Worlds.

Limited editions by Craig Ruddy are now available from Berkeley Editions. Contact Robyn Berkeley on +61 418 223 661 for more information.