There are many different components to a high-quality limited edition artwork, but I’d like to share with you the three key components I believe are critical when you are looking to purchase a limited edition.

Firstly, the art. You have to like what you see first and foremost as you’ll be looking at it for a long time. Art is highly personal and there’s no right and wrong. Some people like traditional landscapes, others geometric or abstract works, others contemporary/funky works. You may be interested in a well-known artist or captivated by an up-and-coming artist. The choice is yours and you can have great fun and get a lot of satisfaction about researching, learning and talking to us and the artists about their work in the process.

Second, the paper used for the limited edition. I’ve written about this before, but its important to ask and check out for yourself what paper has been used. High-quality limited editions should be printed on 100% rag paper, acid free – and the best paper comes from France or the UK, its what we use.

Thirdly, the print maker. Creating a limited edition artwork is abit like making a beautiful recipe. Even if you have all the best ingredients and the recipe to follow there’s a special ‘something’ that a great chef brings to the dish. The same goes for a printmaker. Great printmakers have an eye for colour and an affinity with the papers
they use ¬– and the fusion of these two elements along with their experience brings a unique and special dimension to limited edition works.

Many artists prefer to work with specific printmakers, and all work very closely with them to ensure their limited editions are a reflection of themselves.

So, don’t be afraid to ask the person you are buying your limited edition from about any or all of these four elements. Here at Berkeley Editions much of this information is on our website and we’d be delighted to share our knowledge with you and answer these and any other questions you might have.