We met with the lovely Ivy Baddock recently, curator of the amazing art collection at The Children’s Hospital, Westmead.

Colour has been shown to have a huge influence on peoples well-being. Colour, art and creativity have been used in many healing environments, and there is no better example of this in Sydney than The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, which aims to provide a ‘total healing environment’ that offers the very best medical care in the most comfortable, reassuring setting possible.

Colourful, playful and inspiring artworks hung throughout the hospital bring joy to young patients and their families, stimulate curiosity and contemplation, and create a sense of calm and a pleasant distraction in what can otherwise be a stressful experience. There are over 1,200 pieces in the collection including painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper by well-known Australian artists. Many of these have been donated by Berkeley Editions including the delightful Catch This by Kerrie Lester and Melissa Egan’s playful Kite and Girl on a Swing. Delightful artwork by children is also hung in the hospital wards and waiting rooms which provide a real point of connection for their young patients.