One of Australia’s most celebrated artists is Garry Shead and we’re fortunate to have a couple of his images as fine art limited editions. Its always a joy to work with Garry, and he is working on a new image for us as part of our retrospective in Perth early next year.

What many people may not know is that many of his paintings are based around the story of his uncle, the great vintner Maurice O’Shea. The Love on Mount Pleasant series is based around the extraordinary story of O’Shea’s love of the land, love of vines and his wife and muse Marcia. As a passage from the Love on Mount Pleasant catalogue of 2010 states. “The love of the soil, the love of the vines and his love for Marcia was instilled in each vintage he gently put to sleep to slowly grow and mature.”

Garry grew up visiting O’Shea at Mt Pleasant in the Hunter Valley and remembers when the vintage was in and it was a time to celebrate. He also remembers Maurice’s corrugated iron winery, steeped in romance and mystery walking up the Old Hill at the end of the day, Maurice’s beloved cats and the story of his life.

The Bride (Mount Pleasant) is just one of the images from this series and is a highly collectable limited edition. Its also encapsulates so much of Maurice O’Shea’s life and loves and the story of one of Australia’s most revered wine makers.