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Tokyo Tattoo 1


Mixed media original artwork
81 x 51 cm to the edge of board
400gsm on stock gloss paper
Spray paint & silk screen. Does not need glass & will not fade.
Signed by the artist



Patrick Indo is widely regarded as the next Banksy. With his distinctive graffiti street art style, there is a story buried deep into every piece that Indo creates.

Aesthetically This artwork is inspired by a combination of japanese pop culture,graffiti street art,bright neon lights, vibrant culture and positive energy.

The skull is a representation of the 13 crystal skulls hidden within the 7 continents of the globe by the annunaki people. These 13 skulls were created in the image of an atlantean high priestess, each crystal holds the key to unlocking the hidden truths and secrets within all of us. The holy grail is found within all of us. 

The woman holding the skull is a representation of the female aspect of planet earth. She is beautiful and nurtures our evolution.


This original artwork has many layers, starting with an original print, which was then spray painted with high gloss exterior enamel paints, then screen printed with high quality plastic black paint. The artwork is water proof thus does not require framing.


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