Mona Lisa Smiles 3


Original artwork
Hand-coloured  silk screen
Size: 32 x 45 cm
400gsm on stock gloss paper
Does not need glass and resists fading
Signed by the artist



Patrick Indo is widely regarded as the next Banksy. With his distinctive graffiti street art style, there is a story buried deep into every piece that Indo creates.

This artwork is an Original painted in many layers, starting with an original printed layer which is then spray painted with enamel paints, then screen printed with high quality dense black paint, signed by the artist.  This graffiti street artwork was inspired by urban graffiti culture, street art and history. “Bright positive colours, textures and tones capture the excitement and passion that I have towards the culture of street art”. 

Mona Lisa Smiles 3 is one of the finest pieces of Patrick Indo art for sale. This is an Original series of artworks sold exclusively through Berkeley Editions.




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