Wamadai (Plant Medicine)

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Wamadai (Plant Medicine)


Edition of 99
Image Size 22.5 x 49cm
Paper Size 36 x 67cm



This particular work represents Wamadai – a purplish flower found near the shoreline mangroves on several islands. In past times, women who were gathering food would also collect the little flowers and place them under the family sleeping mats before dark. The flowers are believed to stop ‘Bak’, a small blood-thirsty burrowing insect, from coming up from the ground, crawling into living areas, and biting people who are asleep. When the Bak smells the Wamadai it drives them away like a repellent. This medicine was used for hundreds of years and ceased in the 1800’s when missionaries arrived with alternative methods of insect control.

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