Tupmul Aw Ard


Edition of 45
Handmade multi-plate coloured Etching
Image size: 760 x 49cm
Paper size: 70 x 95cm



This artwork is a handmade multi-plate coloured Etching in an edition of 45, numbered and signed by the artist. This particular work represents Tupmul Aw Ard – one of the main totems on Badu Island. This work refers to the spirit of the stingray (Tupmul), which lies at the centre of the ceremony.

Only Tupmul clan members can participate; this is the artist’s mother’s clan. Trumpet shells (Bu) are collected from the reef and positioned around the ceremonial site like a frame. Sometimes shells are laid in certain directions to indicate which way uninitiated clan members should enter the site. On Badu Island, shells have special significance. Trumpet shells are blown to bring people in the village together. Pearl shells are a form of currency. Shells also have aesthetic significance, although in this case their function is ceremonial. The Tupmul ceremony cannot be discussed in detail, but this work refers to the site where Tupmul clan gather for ceremony.

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