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Behind the Clouds


Edition of 25
Photographic archival cotton based paper stock at 310 gsm
Hand signed & titled
MEDIUM: 61 x 84 cm
LARGE: 71 x 99 cm

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Behind The Clouds is one of 25 limited-edition prints hand signed & titled by the artist. A dramatic scene of a storm out at sea with heavy white and grey-tinged clouds lit by an outburst of electric white light; a glimpse of orange sunlight peaking through a dark, blackened sky.

“One of a series of three images of a storm out at sea taken one freak morning when I happened to wake up in the early hours to a spectacular light show. It was a surreal moment when the night was perfectly calm and quiet, yet out on the horizon this outburst of electric light was transpiring.”

This lightening storm was pictured off the coast of Sydney at 4am.

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