Most artists will continue to use mediums such as etching, lithographs, silkscreens and others because of its astonishing sensitivity to the papers involved and because each print is an artwork in itself and collectable. No two prints are completely the same, and that’s why they are so collectable.

Computer generated images are newish and some artists use them to make limited or open edition reproductions. They are generated by a digital printing process.

If not framed, the prints are best kept flat between acid-free paper in a box or portfolio and in a dry place.

We can help you to frame your Fine Art Limited Edition or connect you with the framers we use directly. Like us, they are experts and will ensure your Fine Art Limited Edition is presented in the best way possible.

Yes. The artist signs each Print, usually in pencil, on the bottom right hand side of the print. The edition size and number are usually written on the left hand side and the title of the image in the middle. Artists only sign off a print when they are totally satisfied with the image and the print itself. This means that the signature is both a sign of authenticity and also a sign of the artist’s approval.
The papers used by printers are specifically made by papermakers to have a ‘neutral’ acidity. Almost all everyday paper such as newsprint or copy paper has a natural acid content.

This acid content leads to browning, brittleness and eventual disintegration.

The acid free papers, properly stored show no such degredation, even after many years.

The Fine Art Limited Editions published by Berkeley Editions are printed on 100% rag paper which is of the highest archival quality and acid free. The inks are the highest quality and light fast, which means that the inks are stable. However, as with any artwork, they should never be hung in direct sunlight.

Berkeley Editions Fine Art Limited Editions should not be rolled for long periods of time. Framing is the best preservation. If not framed, the limited editions should be kept flat between acid-free paper in a box or portfolio and in a dry place.

  • When framing, the Limited Editions should be mounted using all acid-free materials.
  • Do not hang the Limited Edition in direct sunlight. If placing in a brightly lit room, it is advisable to use UV glass.
  • Please ensure the hanging arrangement is sufficient to hold a substantial weight.
Berkeley Editions Fine Art Limited edition prints are handmade, numbered and signed by the artist and is the perfect way to start or add to an art collection.

Collecting limited editions is a secure and safe section of the art investment market. Stored correctly, they appreciate over time. And these Editions increase in value as the artist’s career escalates. Presented in the right frame and environment, they will give you, your family and guests an appreciation of the skill, talent and sheer creativity of many of Australia’s leading artists. They lift the environment.

All art objects are prone to some risk in terms of investment. That risk can be minimized by buying prints by artists who have a high reputation and are fairly well established or of an iconic nature. Also, purchase from a reputable supplier.

Berkeley Editions commission Prints directly with the artists and work closely with them throughout the printing process together with a printer. We issue a certificate of authenticity with every print sold which verifies that the print is genuine and has been printed ethically, is numbered and signed by the artist.
When you buy from Berkeley Editions you are buying from the actual Publisher of the Fine Art Limited Editions. This way you can be sure that they are genuine.

A certificate of authenticity is provided with all artwork sold.

Because it comes with a certificate of authenticity that verifies that the print is genuine, is part of a numbered, Limited Print run, has been printed ethically and is numbered and signed by the artist.

Berkeley Editions has been in business for over 30 years. If you ask anyone who has longevity in the art market they will know of us and the quality of the work we create. The Australian art community is a small one and those who care deeply about art, the artists and genuine creativity and integrity support each other.

You have our guarantee…and you could always check on the Internet or contact the artist themselves if they are still living. Or you could check with any number of reputable art galleries. If we can arrange it, you might even be able to meet the artist in person… that way you’ll have a special insight into their work and the Fine Art Limited Edition that you’ve purchased.
You’re more than welcome to make an appointment to view the work you’ve selected, and view some of the other works we have by the same artists or others. We are located in the Sydney CBD.

We can also bring a selection of our Fine Art Limited Editions to you.

Please call Robyn (Contact Us) to arrange a viewing.

You are most welcome to purchase a voucher or gift certificate and we look forward to being of service to you