We finally got Patrick Indo (formerly known as INDO The Artist) to spill the beans about himself, his practice and what he has been up to throughout the 2020 pandemic. Learn all about Patrick Indo artwork and his story below in this exclusive Q&A.

Who is Indo The Artist?

Patrick INDO is an Australian-based artist who grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He studied Graphics and Illustrations, leading him to a career in graphic design. Up until the end of 2019 he was working for a TV company. However, he realised that working long days to spend the night painting wasn’t the way he wanted to utilise his passion.

“Politically this lifestyle just didn’t align with me anymore and made me question: What am I doing? 

Ultimately, INDO decided that art is what makes him happy, not the typical office grind. It was a major decision to step away from a stable job and go straight into hustling to make a living off his art. However, the decision has allowed him to reignite his drive and motivation for creating. This bold move towards art has inspired him to work harder than ever.

The style of INDO The Artist artwork is best described as pop street art. INDO is able to effectively combine a variety of stencils and wheat pastel while layering bright, bold colours, textures and other methods. As a result of this creative style, Patrick Indo is able to blend messages of pop culture into his creations.

Patrick Indo artwork

Below is an edition by Patrick Indo The Artist called ‘Felix and Friends’. This incredible print is available to purchase with Berkeley Editions here.

Felix & Friends

Felix and Friends epitomises graffiti pop culture. A belly-aching laugh consumes this black-and-white Felix the Cat. To the side of Felix is a defiant Pop Eye looking on dressed in a red kerchief and blue trousers. Topping the style off is a 1950s woman talking on a big black phone above an iconic surfer and palm tree. All of this is on a newspaper backdrop washed in pinky reds, yellow, green and blue.

This Patrick Indo artwork above shows that he is an artist that varies in style, keeping his audience on their toes. INDO The Artist is best known for his street art. However, he also dabbles with modern contemporary, abstract, sculpture, portraits, live art performances and public installations. His diversity and openness to different techniques and styles is ever-changing. This has allowed him to define himself as more than just a street artist. 

“I can’t do that personally, I lose my mind, it gets boring. It’s the natural flow of things. You are constantly evolving, constantly growing, constantly looking at new inspiration. I find it limiting to say I am just a street artist.”

Are you a fan of graffiti art Australia? Check out the short video below. The 1:24 minute video showcases Indo The Artist taking part in a live graffiti art performance in Alexandria, NSW. The masterpiece took 7 hours to complete in front of a live guest audience back in February. Using spray cans, Stencils, and a variety of techniques, INDO created a breath taking artwork that was positive, creative and inspiring. The Artwork was 4m x 2m Tall. The event itself was held for Monkey Shoulder Whiskey + SoundCloud.

How have the recent world events impacted your work?

The recent events happening in the world have not actually had much of an impact on INDO’s practice. If anything he has been able to produce more work and has been busier than ever! 

With people having to stay home there has been an influx of people deciding to redesign and fill their homes with beautiful art. There has never been a time when people are more focused on what their spaces look like, therefore creating a boom of interest for INDO The Artist artwork.

“It’s like we are all cocooned and we are now we are all focusing on the cocoon and thinking hey how can I beautify it” 

People are discovering the value in creating an appealing and aesthetic space within their homes now that more of their days are spent there. It is no longer a place you come back to after a day being elsewhere. Our home and work lives have crossed paths, and meetings and conferences are becoming more frequent in our personal spaces. Putting your home on display for your professional colleagues and clients, people who usually would never be inside your home, has encouraged people to care for and beautify their space, or as INDO called it, our cocoons.

Take a look at another piece of Patrick Indo artwork below stocked by Berkeley Editions. This fascinating, colourful piece of art is called Mickey Mouse and can be purchased here.

Mickey Mouse

This Mickey Mouse art is one of 40 Giclee limited-edition prints, numbered and signed by the artist. A black-and-white Mickey stands in front of a bright explosive graffiti board of colours in pink, orange, green, yellow and blue with deliberate brushstrokes a reflection of the often temporary nature of street art.

What exciting things does INDO The Artist have planned for the future?

Patrick Indo has been working on a new reference series paying homage to early 80’s and 90’s cartoon characters. The series incorporates bright colours to reimagine much loved characters we have all seen and grown to love with a blend of 20’s Mickey Mouse style. The series is very ‘what you see is what you get’. INDO is also not just a lone studio style artist. He spends his time across different avenues, doing commission works for clients, commercial art, murals for schools and councils, and live performances.  

Make sure to keep INDO on your radar. We can’t wait to see what he has lined up next! You can keep up to date with everything Patrick Indo via his individual page on Berkeley Editions here. INDO also has his own website and Instagram page.