The ever-reverent Mike Kitching is a sculptor without comparison. Having won numerous awards and scholarships over the years, it is no surprise to see his name among the finalists for the 2017 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Australia’s prestigious national award for smaller dimension sculpture.

Kitching doesn’t confine himself to small-scale sculptures though; in fact, he has completed many large-scale commissions for various government and corporate collections. These include his Marconi Monument outside Sydney Town Hall and Seqvanae, a tribute to the Roman goddess of healing at the entrance to the ACT Health Building.

Having always had a passion for working, constructing and creating with his hands, Kitching started out his career teaching woodwork, metalwork and tech drawing in the 1960s. His fascination with building and forming meant that sculpture was a natural progression for him and the perfect medium through which to explore the connection between the natural world and technology.