Prolific and satirical, INDO The Artist is at the vanguard of contemporary pop art. His works are part Banksy and part Andy Warhol; it’s guerrilla art with a heavy dose of celebrities, famous musicians and pop culture.

There is a strong sense of anti-establishmentarianism present in street art so it’s almost ironic that INDO originally found success in advertising, fashion, magazines, publishing and television, given that he is now a self-styled street artist.

But studying graphic design and illustration honed his appreciation of visual communication, a skill that is just as apt in professional street art as it is in the world of advertising.

INDO’s explosive use of colours and deliberate brushstrokes is direct and a reflection of the often temporary nature of street art.

Fortunately, this depth of energy translates to permanent mediums so the striking juxtaposition of ubiquitous characters like Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat against a bright graffiti background can be displayed inside.