… For many people this statement remains just a thought, a wish, a dream, a desire. Some of us wander around the art galleries of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Paris, Rome, Florence . . . wherever looking at and admiring beautiful art.

For me, I love and am inspired by the wonderful talent of Australian artists. I’ve been so fortunate to work with, become friends with and nurture a wide range of Australian artists over my 30 years of limited edition print making.

Artists, who are clearly creative by nature, love exploring different mediums to present their art. They create their works on all sorts of mediums, from paper to copper, to metal, wood and, of course given we are in Australia, bark.

The limited edition prints we create with artists are just one journey they explore in expressing themselves.

Limited edition prints are a great way to start an art collection. As Dr Jean Battersby, AO, the former Chair of the Arts Council of Australia said, “If someone is thinking about starting an art collection they should consider purchasing a limited edition print by a well-known Australian artist.”

Of course, I totally agree. I’ve spent 30 years working with some of Australia’s greatest and emerging artists. The limited edition prints we craft with them are unique. When the printing process is completed, sometimes after 10 or 20 passes through the presses for more traditional limited editions, or through different processes now, the artist checks, approves, numbers and signs each print. Prints are usually signed in pencil in the lower right hand corner and our prints carry the Berkeley Editions stamp of authenticity.

So, if you want to start collecting and to acquire your own unique artwork from an Australian artist, you can.

Robyn Berkeley