Artists Luisa Seidenberg, James Whitington and Alex Goad’s exhibition
HUMAN : NATURE will draw attention to the care of Australia’s natural heritage.
The Rocks PopUp will be transformed with paintings, monotypes, etchings and ceramics.

Luisa Seidenberg’s intricate ceramic artworks titled Oceania will explore the beauty of our planet's
underwater oceanic sea life and our response to the marine environment. Having lived in
Bondi Beach for the past 15 years Seidenberg’s works bring awareness to the fragility and
immense beauty and explore the dual simplistic and complexities of these life forms.

James Whitington will exhibit paintings, monotypes, sculpture and large scroll-like sugar
lift aquatint etchings inspired by silver birch trees seen on his recent artist’s residency in
Beijing. These works identify with the Confucius concept of “Ren Tian” translating as
extending human benevolence to the natural world.

Alex Goad’s installations will include an
atmospheric room where his piece, Invasion Colonisation will hang as a fluid organic shape
built from 300 interconnected hand sculptured ceramic forms. Suspended in a darkened
room, this piece is illuminated from inside to mimic the use of bioluminescence used by
various coral species to attract prey.

Working with this year’s City of Sydney Art & About theme Endangered,
this exhibition will take the opportunity to raise awareness and funds
for a cause that is important to each artist, to help to save the
endangered Great Barrier Reef.

Opening: Exhibition opens Tuesday 23rd September, 6-10pm
Dates: September 23rd to October 14th, 2014.
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am to 6.30pm.
Address: Shop 2.05, 140 George St, The Rocks

LuisaSeidenberg_sea-garden1 (2).jpg