Prominent and prolific artist Salvatore Zofrea has been awarded the Medal of Order of Australia for his services to art.

Salvatore has three times been awarded Australia's most prestigious prize for a subject painting, the Sulman – in 1977, 1979 and 1982.

He has been named one of the best painters in Australia. His commissions include the acclaimed Sydney Morning Herald mural Justelius, the Power Studio in the Cite University, five panel mural for the State Bank of NSW, Sydney Opera House Fresco sponsored by Toshiba P/L in 1992, commissioned by the Darling Harbour Star City Casino in 1997, and a five panel mural "Celebration of Life – A Picnic at Clontarf" commissioned by the NRMA in 1998.

Zofrea's great life project however is to paint all one hundred and fifty images from the Book of Psalms. The Quercianella Series is based on Psalm 40 and features scenes from the seaside town of Quercianella in Tuscany.

Today he has been awarded one of the highest honours of our country, the Medal of Order of Australia, which celebrates his services yo Australian art.

We are forever grateful for the enjoyment his sensuous, expressionistic, colourful and rich paintings have given us and thank him for it in the best way we know how…public recognition and acknowledgement.