Following her hugely successful exhibition with Richard Martin 'Le Carnaval des Animaux', Melissa Egan and Berkeley Editions have created four new limited edition artworks in time for Christmas.

Using animals as metaphors Melissa latest and much celebrated body of work resulted from the development of her close relationship with an internationally renowned symphony orchestra.

At the beginning of the year Melissa hosted several members of this orchestra at her home and as a result, their lives became entrenched.

Here in the works you see the concert master and first violinist as a rabbit, the double bass player a bear and Malcolm the horn player, tall and lean is a hare.

The Australian landscape provides the backdrop for Melissa's paintings and figures. She uses the landscape as a stage for her "actors".

Egan says "while figures predominate in the majority of the work, it is their interconnectedness with their environment that lends plausibility to their existence.

To me, the landscape, the figures and the animals interrelate with one another to be of equal importance". Melissa Egan

Available in limited editions of only 30, these four new artworks are available only until sold out.

For more information, please contact Robyn Berkeley