Wendy is a regular finalist in the Archibald Prize and lives between Paris and Sydney, sounds like the ideal life to me. She’s a real straight shooter, a hard worker and passionate about what she does. Her work is included in major collections around the globe.

Her Sydney studio is crazy, there’s stuff (inspiration) everywhere. There is also the beginnings of paintings, sketchbooks, notes, things all about . . . 

We love working with Wendy as her energy and enthusiasm reaches out and grabs you in the emotional equivalent of a bear hug. She makes you feel happy and sometimes just a bit outrageous.

The burlesque prints she has worked on with us show  her huge personality and vitality. When you look at them you’re transported to Paris and the Moulon Rougue-whether it be the original one or Baz Lurhman’s version.

And if you want a way to make you smile and feel great every day . . . I can’t think of a better way to do it than to put your Wendy Sharpe limited edition print on a wall you walk past frequently.