Berkeley Editions is proud to present Brycen Horne, Sydney–based photographer and director/DOP. Brycen began his career at The Sydney Darkroom, hand–printing and processing black and white film, before working as a clapper loader and focus puller and shooting music videos, films and TVCs as a Director of Photography (DOP).

One day, after photographing landscapes of Sydney's Bronte Beach at dusk, Brycen decided to include bodyscapes of the female form in his images.

He now creates amazing photographic works by first exposing a water landscape and then photographing the human figure separately within the same exposure. In so doing, Brycen captures the beauty of the moment before the surface is broken.

'Surfaced' is a study of bodies and movement underwater.

It looks at the delicate, personal and sometimes volatile response the human form takes when submerged in its natural state.

This new body of work signifies Brycen's highly artistic visual style, Inspired by the ocean, empty landscapes and the human figure. He uses negative space and long exposure to capture the aesthetic quality of these elements.

Brycen Horne is Berkeley Editions' April Artist of the Month… we are excited to offer works from Brycen's 'Surfaced' series for sale 

Please contact Robyn Berkeley for more information on 02 9356 85550 or 418 223 661.