"AUSTRALIA DAY should be treated with some kind of reverence…it means different things to different people. As a nation a lot has been acheived…not all positive, having said that, it's a celebration worth taking seriously." Tim Storrier

From the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald's Australia Day Weekend edition , 12 artists including our very own Tim Storrier, Colin Lanceley and Jasper Knight, share what it means to them to be Australian.

"Australian Wonder is a collection of our artists' very distinct visions and of how they understand and picture our national character." Leo Robba, artist and curator

"The Sydney Morning Herald is proud to be able to feature the work of Tim Storrier, regarded by many as one of this country's most renowned landscape artists. Since winning the Sulman Prize in 1968 at the age of 19, Storrier has gone on to forge a highly successful career by pursuing his unique vision of this country's landscape. Storrier's trademark, big skies hovering above endless horizons set the stage to project the artists preoccupation with the four elements, earth, air, fire and water. These are evident in the beautiful Storrier image especially commissioned and painted for this year's exhibition."

"The art of Tim Storrier honours fire as a constant in the Australian landscape. His work along with several other leading artists features in the Fairfax Media Australia Day Project."

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