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Melissa Egan is regarded as one of the most popular and dynamic artists of recent times. Born in Sydney in 1959, her story tale imagery depicts the unique Australian landscape, animals and a personal interpretation of human life. The aim of Melissa Egan art is for people to utilise their own personal interpretation when viewing her paintings. Egan attended the World College of South East Asia in Singapore and then gained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Australian National University.

She also holds a Diploma of Education from the Canberra College of Advanced Education. Creating paintings is a part of Egan’s everyday life and many of her subjects are drawn from childhood memories, marriage, motherhood, friends and the day-to-day tasks. Melissa Egan art tells its own story, often relating to humanity and our relationship with the natural environment. These often reflect an atmospheric Australian landscape.  Egan views herself more as a creator than as an artist. Her paintings attribute their narrative to Australian historical figures and mythology.

The iconic characters of colonisation and Australian settlement are given a whimsical twist and placed in her distinctive, evocative landscapes. The way in which Egan’s characters belong to their scenes is a product of a fine and intuitive sense of composition. As a result, the appeal of Egan’s works is both enduringly classic, and lively in its immediacy. She has been a finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Award, The Sulman Prize, the Doug Moran Portraiture Prize, the Blake Prize, the Fleurieu Landscape Prize, the Kedumba Drawing Award and the Archibald. Her work is held in collections in both in Australia and overseas.

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Mariot Hotel, Brisbane
Legends Hotel, Gold Coast Qld
Ridges Hotel, Brisbane
Hotel Grand Chancellor, Brisbane
St. Andrews Hospital, Brisbane
Allamander Private Hospital, Gold Coast
Oasis Hotel, Cairns Qld