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Max Fulcher is an artist, photographer and author who has emerged as one of Australia’s finest illustrators of native birds and orchids. Born in Brisbane in 1935, Fulcher travelled many paths from his earliest days in the navy to successful adman and publisher, but he has always been an artist at heart.

His love of drawing enabled him to change course in his 40s to become a full-time creative spirit producing a dazzling array of drawings of rainforests as a result of his extensive travels through Australia and South East Asia. These artworks are characterized by an intense vibrancy and authenticity. Each drawing is anatomically and botanically accurate, and drawn from real-life studies of actual plants and birds.

(Fulcher is also a world-renowned authority on orchids and has published the acclaimed books The Enchanted Orchid 2002 and The Orchid Teacher 2014.) He has worked in watercolour, and pen and wash, and 25 years ago pioneered freehand drawing using a mouse and Apple Mac computer, ultimately elevating the technique to an art form. Fulcher’s sought-after works can now be found in private and commercial collections throughout Australia and overseas.