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INDO (Pat Indo) is a prolific and satirical Australian street artist at the vanguard of contemporary pop art. Born in 1982 and raised in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, INDO’s works are part Banksy and part Andy Warhol; guerrilla art with a heavy dose of celebrities, famous musicians and pop culture. His artworks embody a strong sense of anti-establishmentarianism, mocking pop culture and social constructs.

Obsessed with grunge textured mid-century cartoons, he used the walls of his native suburb to mix his laid-back surf culture with aggressive political graffiti stencil statements. He graduated from Pittwater High in 2000 and studied graphic design at Hornsby TAFE in 2005. Further inspired by his deep involvement with skate culture and his intersections with the design world, he has become known for pieces that incorporate vivid explosions of incandescent colour filtered through a Surrealist Pop Art perspective. INDO was a Grand Finalist in the Tiger Beer Australian Street Art Battles and had an exhibition Ghetto to the Meadow in North Sydney in 2014.
16 The Brick Gallery London
2016 The Glass House Port Maquarie
2015 Deck Bar Gallery, INDO’s Permanent Solo Exhibition Space, Sydney
2015 The Mexican Cartel, Group Show, Sponsored by Red Bull
2014 Ghetto to the Meadow, Solo Exhibition, Sydney Neutral Bay
2013 INDO, Solo Exhibition, Black Penny Sydney, Surry Hills
2011 East vs West, The Grid Gallery Sydney