Artist Biography

Born 1972

Clare McShanag is a Sydney-based photographic artist with an unquenchable resolve to reveal her creativity through her work. After studying Graphic Art at Swinburne University of Technology, Clare traveled the world, finding design and photographic opportunities in London, Europe and the USA. Her first solo exhibition was a successful one. ‘The Character of Life” hosted at the Solo Lounge in New York instigated a professional liaison with photographer David Richmond, with whom she assisted on photo shoots such as Big Easy awards and for Gambit magazine.

With her passion making cemented, Clare formalised her calling with studies in Fine Art Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne. In May Clare presented another solo exhibition ‘Streets with No Names”. From that day onwards Clare began exhibiting throughout the world. In April 2017 Clare participated in an international exhibition for the 500th anniversary of Luther, which also focused on the music of Bach. Her works were exhibited in the Berliner Dom and are currently in the Bachhaus Museum in Eisenach, Germany.

Biography – Clare McShanag

I was a painter long before I ever picked up a camera. When I looked through the view- finder for the very first time, I knew this was a tool that I could use to calibrate/calculate images to my desire. After many years of mastering camera technique, I finally discovered the beauty that called through the lens. I found a way to use the camera as a paintbrush. The images also have a raw and grainy edge when created through photography, which in my case are inspired by pure color, nature and material elements combined. The vast array of possibilities overwhelmed my imagination as I realised the depths I could unfold were infinite.

Clare’s extensive international experiences have exposed to her the creative potential of photography. Leaving New Orleans and heading to New York, Clare staged her first solo exhibition, titled ‘The Character of Life’, at the Soho Lounge in New York.

Her passion for cameras cemented, Clare formalized her calling with studies in Fine Art Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne. In May 2003, Clare presented an exhibition at Blupols Gallery in Melbourne ‘The streets have no names’ resulting in sales of her work and an excellent response from gallery patrons and followed his with a stint in Melbourne as a professional photographer with Animal House Studios.

Over the following decade, Clare built a strong portfolio in portrait, fashion, and commercial photography. She finds immense satisfaction in her ability to work with other creative people – perceiving immense benefit in synergies and fostering her growth as a visual artist.

Learn more about Clare McShanag and her unique, creative style of photographic art here on her website.

Germane Solo Exhibition Statement

“I make my Art to channel my inner and outer awareness as an expression of creation and colour – spilling out into image. My vision is to convert my passion into a medium that ignites a very fueling and awakening experience for the eyes of the beholder.”

My inspiration is life and movement: to be able to capture life as dynamic moments a Picture conveying a vigorous story, with all its undertones, highlights and shadows.

Dark and beautiful at the same time –a mixture of surreal and the abstract.

My focus in Germane is on the material and natural elements of life that are enlightened in the story of universal creation/genesis, the beauty in creation and destruction.

I like to traverse the boundaries of what is considered reality. My body of work Germane represents finding the meaning of oneself in different contexts and stages of life that we arrive at and translate through our spiritual and material experiences.

We form our identity through the inner and outer struggles we experience in the process of everyday life, striving to find peace within through self-realization.

I regain consciousness like the sunrise, bathed in rose light and gold shadows. I wake not only from the light but touched by something else, floating for a moment in the windy, wired color’s of the sky. I know this is the translation of a magical ride that transcends my vision of day and night.

The Germane is visual explosion of matter and meaning, relevant to the subject under consideration – to life, to our humanity.

“Art reflecting life”.

2019 “SELFIE” Group Exhibition – TENFORTYSEVEN Gallery Mascot
2019 “Germane” solo exhibition Park Hyatt Hotel Canberra
2017 Sydney Fringe Festival – HPG Festival Hub Exhibition Space
2017 Luther & Bach Exhibition – Germany
2016 “Germane” Black eye Gallery Sydney Australia
2003 “The Streets have no Names” Blupols Gallery Melbourne
2000 “The Character of Life” Soho Lounge, New York USA