A major exhibition of Arthur Boyd's artwork: 5 September – 9 November 2014

Among the many works that have not been exhibited before is The Prodigal Son, a large fragment of a mural that was painted by Arthur for his uncle, the well-known novelist, Martin Boyd.

In 1948 he worked assiduously while playing Beethoven’s 7th Symphony ‘very loudly’, to paint in a ‘fresco secco’ method over a plaster ground which originally unfolded across an expanse of over 20 metres.

Spanning a time frame of just over three decades, this exhibition reveals Boyd as one of the truly great inventive artists of the twentieth century.

Given our close history with Arthur Boyd, Berkeley Editions is proud to share this historic and memorable exhibition with you.

Visit the Australian National Gallery to view this rare and diverse collection of Arthur Boyd works.

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