Buying art for your office is multifaceted, it can enhance a space, or it can define a space. When setting up a work space, it’s not only the chairs and tables you need to consider, it is also the artwork. Choosing art is often left ignored or incomplete by many companies, so it truly is a way to step up your company’s first and final impressions. 

Art can be a big part of sending a message about your values and setting the scene for work culture in the office. Beyond this, it also shows your focus on attention to detail and the aesthetic of a space to make a client feel more at ‘home’ in the office. Whether it be for your own inspiration, or to make an impression, buying art for your office is a great investment.

Bare walls are not inspiring! 

And importantly, they leave little room for creativity. Buying art for your office is an investment in your space, your employees and your customers. This investment can hold tangible value over time if it’s an original work, and create an increased sense of connectedness even if it’s not. Furthermore, if you keep the receipt, an artwork for the office is tax deductible! 

There are many different aspects to keep in mind when buying a piece of art for your office space. 


1. Consider your clients 

When buying art for your office space you need to always consider the type of business you are running and the expectations of your target audience or clientele. See the artwork as a way of supporting them on some sort of emotional level, encouraging them to see the reasons they are in your space. 

For example, an artwork with animals would be a strong choice for a veterinary hospital, as it would make the owners feel at ease in their surroundings. For somewhere that can evoke high emotional distress or anxiety, like a dentist surgery, calming artwork with warm or safe colours and themes would help their patients be mindful and present. 

Ensure that the work you are investing in aligns with the values of the business. This adds to the experience of the clients and customers coming through your doors, and will encourage them to come again! 

Fred Cress Chases II

2. Make it Memorable 

Every person, every place and every business wants to be memorable! This makes choosing the right artwork very important. An artwork that makes the overall experience of your workplace memorable and worth sharing. Something memorable suggests unique, different, one-of-a-kind, and hard to find. 

Buying an original edition, including prints, by a renowned artist means buying something your client will remember, something that is noteworthy. This sense of captivation can flow onto your image as a business. 

3. Go big or go home

Buying art for your office space needs to make a statement. Prints in Australia have proved to be very effective in altering the mood of employers and employees. Going for the bigger picture allows you to take advantage of those empty walls and splurge on a BIG, bold piece to brighten up the office.

Statement pieces are expressive, and allow you to make less purchases for more value. It minimises the need to match different paintings and expressions, while leaving an impact on all who see it. 


4. Focus on the positive

Art is a public expression, and it is made to be seen. To ensure the artwork you are displaying is considerate of all people. Nothing crude, unnecessary, violent or crass. While you want to make a statement when buying art for your office, you want that statement to be accepted and appreciated by the masses, and most importantly, to be positive.

Your vibe attracts your tribe! Colour theory shows that the use of colour can set the mood or tone in a space. Usually bright warm colours are best for this, as they have been proven to inspire calm, positive, friendly, and creative emotions!


5. Take it slow, there is no rush! 

As mentioned, buying an important statement piece of art is an investment. The office space is consumed by people all day, every day. Most people spend the majority of their working week in an office environment. The last thing you want to do is rush into purchasing an artwork that doesn’t evoke positivity and joy amongst it’s audience. 

Acquiring an artwork that shares your values, or inspires your creative expression, will be an investment for you in every way. It is also a way to honour and invest in the creator and their work. 

Time in choosing artworks is important, which is why Berkeley Editions holds limited edition prints of so many highly regarded artists. We give you those few extra moments to make sure you’re choosing the right art for you. Once you’ve found an item that interests you on our website, be sure to let us know so we can be transparent about the artwork’s availability and you have time to make the right choices! We can assist you in buying art for your office so you select the right piece to suit your space.

Art Money – Buy Now Pay Later

Berkeley Editions want to ensure that everyone’s experience in purchasing an artwork is a pleasant, affordable and easy process. We partner with Art Money which empowers our buyers to have the confidence in buying our prints. All that is required is an initial 10% of the price of the artwork and then have the comfort of paying off the remainder over the following 9 months interest-free.  We are here to be of service to you when delving into the world of fine art. 

Please contact us with any questions, queries or enquiries by email at or phone on 0418 223 661.