Born 19 – –

“My childhood in rural Victoria as the middle of five children was a noisy, vivid and the happy time filled with the overflowing hotch potch of family life in the country. In today’s era of sleek minimalism, designer kitchens and crisply sterile modernism, I mourn for a time when children could remember what it was like to have milk bottles with foil tops, a baker that delivered to your home and the Postie rode a bike.”

“In my own childhood in the country our milk was delivered by horse and cart. That era has gone – and I want to capture now the childhood that my own children are experiencing by incorporating in my artwork, pieces of memorabilia of this current generation.

The faces of the children in my paintings are obscured as it was not the intention for them to be conventional portraits but rather fleeting impressions of youth and childhood memory, rather than of the individuals themselves.”

2009 Recent Paintings, Salon Rouge, Kapunda, SA
2009 Recent Works, Murray Street Vineyards
2009 A Definite Likeness, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney Awards and Group Exhibitions
2008 Lostalgia, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney
2008 Art Brisbane 2008 New Works, Gallery Aloft, Sydney
2008 Nostalgia, Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra
2008 Misfits, Gallery Aloft, Sydney
2006 Tip Me Over Pour Me Out, Charles Hewitt, Sydney
2004 New Paintings, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney
2002 New paintings, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney
2002 Art & About Group Show, Finalist 2001 Objects of Desire, First Gallery, Sydney
2001 Creative Madness, Volvo Gallery, Sydney
2000 House Dress, Global Gallery, Sydney
2000 Dog Show, PCL Exhibitionists, Sydney
2000 NAS Conversion Course Group Exhibition, Global Gallery, Sydney
2000 Luggage not Baggage, PCL Exhibitionists, Sydney
2000 Underdressed, Canberra Contemporary Artspace
2000 Annual Women’s Day Exhibition, Tap Gallery, Sydney
2000 Precious Objects, 1st Gallery, Sydney
1999 Part of the Furniture, Open House Gallery, Sydney
1999 Fisher’s Ghost, Contemporary Section Finalist
1999 Portia Geach, S H Ervin Gallery, Finalist
1999 Power Exhibition, May Street Gallery, Sydney
1999 Alumination, Cell Block, NAS, Sydney
1998 Extremities, Open House Gallery, Sydney
1998 Bloom, Open House Gallery, Sydney
1996 Finalist NSW Travelling Art Scholarship, COFA
1995 Printmakers Exhibition, Cellblock Theatre
1994 Art House, Group exhibition, Sydney
1984 Art Express, Travelling Exhibition
1984 State Finalist, Australian & CBA Awards, Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney