Born 1940

Sculptor Michael Kitching was born in 1940 in Hull, England, UK, moving to Australia in 1952. Growing up in England, he often visited galleries and museums with his father, James Digby Percival Kitching, a military trained engineer and builder who was responsible for building two major oil refineries in the UK during WW11. It was through his father’s creative influence that Kitching’s love of art was founded, teaching him also how to work, construct and create with his hands.

Kitching graduated from Sydney Teachers College in the early 1960s, Mike’s first ‘proper’ job was for the NSW Education Department. There he taught Woodwork, Metalwork and Technical Drawing throughout regional areas of NSW. Having painted as a child and adolescent, it was in teaching these practical subjects that he eventually found a new creative medium of sculpture. Here his artistic career was born.

Kitching, who soon became a household name of the 1960s Australian art world, was held in high critical regard for his sculptures. He won numerous awards, including his first – the Blake Prize for religious art in 1964, as well as travelling scholarships which enabled him to spend time in Europe, visiting galleries, museums and castles as he had as a child, and seeing the inspirational works of Leonardo Di Vinci in Florence.

Through his friendships and working relationships with key art figures, namely John Kaldor and Dr Jean Battersby (who was Kitching’s agent for over 35 years), he produced a plethora of commissioned works and continued to grow and flourish as an outstanding and reputable artist.

Mike continues to create from his home in Lovett Bay, Pittwater on the NSW north coast.

“Field of Vision: Art + Astronomy”, Macquarie University Art Gallery (50th Anniversary) Jul-Aug 2014
Keeping Company, Manly Art Gallery, Feb-Mar 2011
Sculpture At Scenic World, Blue Mountains 2013
Sculpture In The Vineyards, 2014

National Gallery of Australia, ACT
Deakin University, VIC
Museum of Contemporary Art
University of West Australia
University of Technology & Science
Geelong University, VIC
Geelong Art Gallery, VIC
Mildura Arts Centre
Muswellbrook Art Gallery
New England Art Gallery
Art Gallery of West Australia
City Arts Institute Collection
Ivan Dougherty Gallery
Maritime Museum, Sydney
Queen Victoria Museum, TAS
Newcastle Regional Museum
Newcastle Art Gallery
Mertz Collection, USA
Queensland Art Gallery
National Library, ACT
Ballarat Fine Art Gallery
Penrith Art Gallery Lewers Bequest
Australian National University
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Taffs Prize for Painting
Blake Prize for Religious Art
Young Contemporaries Art Prize
RAS Farmers Sculpture Prize
Manly Art Prize
Muswellbrook Art Prize
Berrima Art Prize
Queen Victoria Museum Prize
Mildura Purchase Prize
Arthur Phillip Sculpture Prize
Australia Business Arts Foundation
Champion Cultural project for the “Australia Bells”

Alcorso – Sekers Travelling Scholarship (Kaldor Family)
Flotta Lauro Travelling Scholarship