Born 1935

Over the past decades, Max Fulcher has emerged as one of Australia’s finest illustrators of native birds, and orchids. His works are characterized by such an intense vibrancy, aliveness and authenticity – that they appear to speak to us – and transport us into the rainforest environment. Each drawing is anatomically and botanically accurate, and drawn from real life studies of actual plants and birds.

The orchids, for example, have been either grown by Max or documented through his travels across Australasia and the Pacific. The birds, which are indigenous to Australia, are the result of tracking and observing their character and mannerisms in their natural habitat.

Max Fulcher’s drawings convey joyously playful interpretations of the natural world, and conjure up the primitivist feelings of the works of French master Henri Rousseau. But he is very much an Australian – having been born and bred in the hinterland of the Queensland rainforest.

Max Fulcher is a world-renowned authority on the orchid, having published the acclaimed books The Enchanted Orchid and The Orchid Teacher. His work has featured in Vogue Australia, Vogue Entertaining, House and Garden, Home Beautiful, and Your Garden to name a few (Vogue Entertaining ran 8 pages on Max as the ‘Travelling Bon Vivant’). His sought after works can now be found in private and commercial collections throughout Australia and overseas.

He has worked in watercolour and pen-and-wash all his life, and 25 years ago pioneered freehand drawing using a mouse and Apple Mac computer – ultimately transcending the technique by elevating it to a new level.

Max Fulcher is represented by the Berkeley Editions (the premier gallery for print collections in Australia), and was recently profiled in Mark Roeder’s Unnatural Selection; Why the geeks will inherit the earth book (HarperCollins).