Born 1982

Street artist, INDO was born in Sydney in 1982 from migrant Chilean parents and right from the start he looked at life from a unique perspective. After completing studies in graphic design and illustration he took his inspiration to the streets. With stencils and spray cans in hand, he launched an early reputation with his explosive colours and self-styled in-the-moment brand of street art.

It wasn’t long before INDO was picked up by a talent scout and a commercial collaboration with some major corporations followed. Some of the companies INDO has collaborated with are ING Direct, The Maritime Union of Australia, General Pants, Fuel TV, The Rolling Stones magazine, ANZ Bank and Sony BMG. Liquitex Australia has also sponsored him as a Brand ambassador and he has competed in Street Art Competitions winning heats and titles at the infamous, Australian Street Art Battles.

INDO says “Street art is an extreme sport. It’s all about being connected… the most freeing medium in the world. It’s adrenaline pumping, strategic like chess, and most importantly, there’s complete detachment where the artwork is here today, gone tomorrow.” His one-night-only solo exhibition entitled “Ghetto to the Meadow” was a sell out with all 55 pieces of original street art sold. INDO takes inspiration from iconic artists such as the Frenchman, Jean Paul Basquiat, Banksy and Andy Warhol. INDO today is a full time artist and his work can be seen in the streets of Melbourne, Sydney and even parts of South America.

2016 The Brick Gallery London
2016 The Glass House Port Maquarie
2015 Deck Bar Gallery, INDO’s Permanent Solo Exhibition Space, Sydney
2015 The Mexican Cartel, Group Show, Sponsored by Red Bull
2014 Ghetto to the Meadow, Solo Exhibition, Sydney Neutral Bay
2013 INDO, Solo Exhibition, Black Penny Sydney, Surry Hills
2011 East vs West, The Grid Gallery Sydney