Born 1984

Daniel O’Toole, also known by his street artist name as EARS, is a multi-disciplinary artist working in sound, painting, film, live performance and photography. Known for his public murals Australia-wide, his exposure in the public realm has introduced many people to his innovative, experimental studio practices. Growing up in the leafy suburb of Jannali in Sydney, EARS was brought up playing classical violin and from the age 5, showed great passion for drawing cartoon caricatures.

However, experiencing synesthesia, (a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory pathway), the link between sound and colour became a key element in his creative journey.

O’Toole Studied Audio Engineering at SAE, and Fine Art at the National Art School in Sydney. In 2008, he left art school and set about building his name ‘EARS’. He ran a street art gallery in Newtown named ‘Oh Really Gallery’ from 2008 – 2011 in conjunction with artist, Max Berry and Jamie Nimmo. He later established ‘Soldiers Rd’ in the infamous Hibernian House; a sort of bohemian hub for the arts in Sydney, and a stomping ground for many up and coming artists.

In recent years, Ears has pushed the musical aspects of his creative spirit into the spot light, producing and releasing albums including ‘Free the Beats’; a sort of net label that acts as a platform for local artists, and since 2009, has released 13 albums of local beats. EARS is an exceptionally dedicated artist. In recent years, his projects have taken him around the world – from the Gobi desert making super 8 films to an artist residency in Berlin and to Japan to shoot his film clip ‘Floating Tokyo”. EARS is currently based in Sydney.